England Junior School’s traditions

One of the greatest students of the English school, Winston Churchill said: “The best investment – an investment in a child’s milk.” Half a century later his words have acquired a new, more precise form: “The most profitable long-term investment – an investment in education.”


“Old school ties”

Thanks to the personal approach to teaching private schools in England have become a support for the intellectual elite. It was in England originated the tradition of “tutoring” that have fallen from the walls of the University of Oxford in schools and colleges. Teachers know each student by name, keep the progress throughout their studies and even after the release of communicate.

The English have an expression «old school ties», it has two meanings – “old school tie” and “old school ties”. This item of school uniform indicates a certain circle of acquaintances, and wherever he has thrown the fate of the English gentleman or lady, they immediately look for their fellow schoolmates.

English elite likes to say: “Man with a tie – a man with connections.” In addition, ties are entered along with the school uniform from the very first class, why it is so touching and at the same time look respectable young ladies and gentlemen.

The English tradition from the first day

Private school from the first day introduces children to the traditions of the English guesthouse. Especially younger school introduced a “test day” at the guest house («taster day») for foreign students. For example, in The Downs Malvern Prep School children can dive for 24 hours in an atmosphere of an English school: lessons with classmates, sports, creative activities, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the school cafeteria, finally, preparing to sleep in his room. How well a child adapts to all of this, plus the location of peers and teachers to help families make the most informed decision.

The atmosphere of the school, the behavior of students living conditions, care staff, online assignment help – all this forms the parents first impression of the school. Take such an important factor, as food. In 2014, the British magazine «Tatler» handed Foremarke Hall Elementary School award «Best School Food» for the highest level of school catering. In Foremarke Hall menu is always a large selection of fresh and healthy dishes: porridges, soups, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, Italian pasta, delicious desserts. The team provides the school’s own cooks Foremarke Hall level of the best restaurants, the love and trust of parents of students.

About the Author: Milly Worton is a student. She is fond of reading.