How to Write a Good Essay in Three Hours or Less

If Hemingway were tasked to write a superb essay in three hours, he would use this approach. Students who know how to make a good essay use the method described in this article most of the times. It saves energy and helps come up with solidly written assignments that live up to lecturers’ demands. Ready to kick off? Let’s go.

Do some great preparatory work

Steps to writing a good essay start with reading instructions attentively. Nearly 30% of the answers are usually already given in the assignment itself. When done with learning what’s needed in the essay, go on to collect at least three-four required reference sources to use for quotation needs. A good essay always has persuasive and relevant quotes supporting your points of view.

Got all the background info and ready to start off writing? Not yet. Good essays for college and university purposes must be based on a consistent outline. Give it fifteen minutes to draw up a quick writing plan in a form of a bullet-list. In terms of essay writing, a two-level list will suffice.

A smart move when writing essays

In college, you must’ve already learned all the practical techniques as for how to write a good essay from scratch. No need to learn how to write persuasive introductions and how to move from one paragraph to another, right? University and college student already know the essentials.

However, what students might not know is that it’s possible to download a free writing sample online. What for? To learn and pick some interesting writing tips and formatting tricks from proficient students. Guidelines on a good essay format are also featured in sample papers, offering a rich source of writing wisdom and referential tips. Using a sample isn’t considered cheating, so use the instance as often as you need.

Good essay format – 5 keys to remember

There are three cornerstones of how to make a good essay sound persuasive and captivating. First and foremost, there should be five consistent paragraphs which gradually flow from one into another. Secondly, each paragraph must stand as an accomplished syntactical unit featuring a respective argument and evidence base supporting it. And thirdly, your thesis statement has to be well-thought and one hundred percent fool-proof.

In addition, backing up your arguments with relevant quotes is must-do. Good essays for college feature at least one relevant citation for every argument. Applying the respective reference style (APA or MLA) is must-have as well. And finally, always keep in mind your target audience. Try to figure out what the reader, namely your lecturer, would like to read about and learn the most. Mayhaps, her favorite writer said something regarding your topic, which can be used as a quote? Just think smart and the result will pay off.