Quick Tips on how to Improve your Memory

Unfortunately, as you grow older, your memory is becoming not as sharp as it used to be. Likewise, the memory resources of your Mac are also subject to wear and tear over time. It happens because of intensive use of a large number of apps, which may result in freezes and low performance. In case of a human being, sharp memory depends on well-being of a brain. Memory experts and trainers offer a wide variety of exercises and methods to improve your memory and train your brain. You can read more about such exercises at websites like this one.



At the same time, app publishers offer a wide variety of apps for the Mac OS X that can improve your Mac’s memory and make it as fast as it was in former times. You can also add more RAM to your Mac. However, if we continue our analogy with human beings, it’s impossible to buy a new brain. New RAM is also an expensive thing, so let’s stick to an idea of memory optimization apps for the Mac OS X.

The working principle of a memory optimization app is somewhat similar to regular memory training exercises. You are training and your memory is improving, and at the same time you are cleaning your Mac’s memory and free up more resources for smooth performance of your Mac OS X system. With time your brain gets used to such trainings and responds to memory challenges “automatically.” For example, as a result of exercise it becomes easier for you to remember something that you couldn’t remember before.

The same refers to memory optimization apps. You can schedule automatic memory cleanups for your Mac, and the app will do its job in the background without any additional input from the user. That’s how it works.

A good example of a memory optimization app is MemoryKeeper. The brain exercises are quite simple, and so is the interface of this app. You don’t have to be a pro to learn how the app works. You just click “Clean Memory” or “Turn on Automatic Cleanups”, and that’s it. Learn more about MemoryKeeper by reading this review and see how to improve your Mac’s memory.