Study Techniques


  1. Practice studying in a group. It is a popular method, yet some of us forget it is also quite effective. Choose a meeting place such as Starbucks or Coffee House and cram for finals. The best way to get ready when you are revising in teams is quiz yourself. For example, if you know you will have test tomorrow, ask a person from another group to examine you, using old lecture notes and textbooks. It’s better if he doesn’t know the material and starts testing in random order, so you have to explain the details and learn while educating!
  2. Try to avoid caffeine. Though coffee generally perks you up when it comes to exam preparation, it may also make you jittery and nervous. Hyperactive behaviors won’t do well for your test, believe us. Sometimes it’s better to have a simple tea than rush to the nearest coffee shop for some portion of adrenaline. Besides, coffee reduces the amount of sleep you ought to get every night, making your ‘do my homework for me because I’m late’ requests a rule.
  3. This may be an individual decision, but we advise you to move around while you study. Sometimes, you just can’t sit still when you know you’ve got an exam tomorrow. Even if you are revising, try pacing back and forth to memorize data. Others find it helpful when they move their hands as well. A complete silence does not guarantee that you won’t be distracted.
  4. Even if it seems impossible, try to log out from Twitter and Facebook, not just close the window for a second. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking at the pictures of cute kitties for three hours without stop, when you have an important essay on your schedule. Besides, there is a News Feed that you keep scrolling through which is also a huge time-suck. To keep focused, try leaving the page as a steadfast way to deal with distractions.
  5. Throw a dance party as a way of rewarding yourself at the end of an especially stressful week. Make sure, however, that your celebrations do not disturb neighbors and never end up in a mess, if you are living in a uni hall. You shouldn’t hit the floor if you still have a lot to do, however, as it may be problematic to go back to studies later. Also, if you know you are a fan of procrastination and plan to cram anyway, you shouldn’t distract yourself additionally by making a giant party for all your roommates. If you balance leisure and studying periods wisely, you may find out there is always time to revise even if you are living on campus where people are hyper 24 hours a day. Make your preparation process organized to see the amount of work left and engage in team learning as it helps to focus on two subjects at a time without having to bounce.