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Grants For GED Students

Going back to school for a GED is a new beginning in the life of millions who desire a better quality of life. However, many need financial assistance to fulfill this dream. Here is a list of the most sort after grants for GED students.

GED students, according to studies, earn significantly than incremental dropouts. But adults who are looking to return to school for a GED may not have the appropriate finances to support themselves. Therefore, they may give up and settle for less. However, several state and private grants are available for these students.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Foundation provides support for GED students of all ages to obtain literacy efficiency and academic skills that will eventually prepare them for vocational or technical careers. Amount: varies

Perkins State Base Grant

The purpose of the Perkins Grant is to help those institutions that enroll students who desire to pursue technical and vocational careers. GED and high school students are trained in these particular fields as they pursue their basic academics. Amount: varies

Adult Students in Scholastic Transition(ASIST)

The ASIST grant program helps adults facing social, economic, and physical hardships. It helps promote self-esteem so that students can have a positive impact on their environment. Students interested in this grant must apply and compete for it at a local EWI chaplain that partners with educational providers.

Amount: $2,500

Verizon Foundation

The purpose of the Verizon Foundation is to provide grants for adult literacy and basic skills education in order to improve the lives of adults. Grants are given to support a variety of programs that help adults attain literacy proficiency as well as vocational and technical skills. Amount varies.

Career and Technical Education State Grants

CTESG is a state grant program that helps improves the education of GED or high school students and prepares them for the workplace or post-secondary education. Amount: varies

Adult Basic and Literacy Education State Grants

The purpose of this grant is to support adults without a high school diploma. It helps them to obtain literacy efficiency as well as the skills necessary for post-secondary education, employment, and independence. Amount: varies

MELMAC Education Foundation

Grants are given to GED and high school students to inspire them to complete a high school diploma or a GED certificate in order to move on to post-secondary education. The ultimate purpose is for each student to get the opportunity to achieve economic prosperity. Amount: varies

These grants offer a wonderful opportunity for adults who are looking to get back on the education track and to improve their life and affairs. Learning how to read and write must become a number one priority in these rough economic times. The fortunate thing is that the doors for financial support are wide open.

National Center for The Study of Adult Learning and Literacy


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